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A symmetrical collage background image showcasing six different scaffolding projects, ranging from residential to commercial.

Our Scaffolding Projects




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London Scaffolding


In the many years Aquarius Scaffolding has been fortunate to be a part of many remarkable London scaffolding projects. Each one taught has taught us something new. Below, you'll find four projects that stand out – a testament to our commitment as a leading scaffolding company in London. They're stories of hard work, collaboration and our dedication to the craft. I invite you to explore these projects and understand why Aquarius Scaffolding is a trusted name in the industry.

A large building entirely encased in scaffolding with green safety netting, active renovation project.

Book House 

45 East Hill, London, SW18 2QZ

Scaffolding with multiple tiers wraps around a residential block of flats.

234 Kingsway Road


Protective sheeting drapes over a house where a loft extension project is underway, with scaffolding visible in the background.

Scaffold Sheeting


Indoor scaffolding tower erected within a building to facilitate access for maintenance work on the upper levels.

Scaffolding Tower

Shepards Bush

London Scaffolding Gallery

Explore our gallery to see examples of our scaffolding projects for various industries, including industrial, commercial, residential scaffolding requirements. Our galley contains Scaffolding in Wandsworth, Merton, Sutton and Croydon. 

Scaffolding Solutions in London

Our Diverse Range of London Scaffolding Projects

In the heart of London, we've skillfully managed numerous scaffolding tasks, from Wandsworth to Merton, Croydon to Sutton. From commercial to residential ventures, our handiwork stands tall in various boroughs. Explore our diverse portfolio and you'll see not just structures, but a dedication that's been honed over years. Each project, be it a Croydon residence or a Sutton commercial space, is a testament to our team's expertise and the trust Londoners place in us.

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